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We at Apex Success Group are focused on helping you do and become the best version of yourself. Success is doing what you are designed to do, enjoying it immensely and being well compensated for your expertise. Our system and processes help you discover not just what you are good at but what you were designed to be doing.

Come and learn while you have a lot of fun. We believe that everyone has talents and passions to perform at their highest level. We will help you bring it out together and become a unit of precision and cohesiveness.

Unlock, discover and reveal the secret to excellence.

We encourage change. Our aim is to create a group of successful people who impact positively on the world through their dedication to personal achievement, which in turn makes the world a better place.

Through experiential camps and courses, our participants will be assisted in releasing the past that binds them in failure and soar to new realities that include better relationships; a true sense of empowerment; and greater self-worth.

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Swallow the MOON

Do you see her? She has it…she has the glow
Very few people hold that position you know. It’s not pregnancy or love
it’s, it’s a knowing.
Knowing what? You may ask… knowing who you are of course.
It’s not arrogance, superiority or pride it’s just the glow you know.
Like, like she swallowed the moon.
You look at me strangely as if I speak a foreign language or, is it that
you haven’t seen any of it before.
We live in a society where it’s always a façade. When we witness the
glow it can be overwhelming and to distinguish it, is hard.
Yet it shouldn’t be, it shouldn’t be foreign to us, everyone should be like
this… having the glow.
Everyone should feel free to be themselves and stop putting on
Everyone should, and could, swallow the moon

~Gregory C N Smith~
Gregory CN Smith
Seminar Trainer
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