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Changing lives from the inside out

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Welcome to Apex Success Group

Inspiring and transforming lives on four continents, we at Apex Success Group are focused on helping you do and become the best version of yourself. Success is doing what you are designed to do, enjoying it immensely and being well compensated for your expertise. Our system and processes help you discover not just what you are good at but what you were designed to be doing.

To be Free

I am becoming feeble without recognizing it.

I am so engrossed in what others think of me

that I have lost all sense of who I am.

I live up to everyone else’s expectations of me, never taking time to understand who I may be or what is right for me.

This is the sign of a slave, definitely not one who is free.

But I think I am free and the sad thing is I feel good about it

Having people around me, I feel proud, Just to say I belong, just to sing that sad-sad-song that I belong.

I dress a certain way because it’s in and I love the way it makes me feel.

I fail to understand that the clothes cannot make me real, nor does the position I hold. It’s my mind, what I think and how I think.

I have been absent for so long I don’t know where to begin, it seems all these years it’s like I’ve been chasing the wind.

If love, happiness, friendship, security is my aim, none of it is possible if I don’t exit the comparison game.

They cannot be manifested in a life that is not my own. I cannot reap from seeds I have not sown.

So learn the game of life in which knowing yourself comes first. This is when you can fill your hunger and yes quench your thirst.

You need to live, I need to live, and living only comes when I can be me.

Having no fear of what others feel, think or say … is when… you and I will be free.

~Gregory C N Smith~

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